Life is all about balance. It is ultimately an exchange of energy, what goes in equals what comes out. When you feed your body well, chances are you will feel better about yourself; more balanced in heart, mind, body, and spirit. This enables you to live, love work, and play more enjoyably and profoundly. 

It sounds so simple, but it’s not always easy to achieve is it?! The reasons why inner and outer balance is such an issue can involve some factors. Perhaps, we are trying to cram too much into our day, maybe we are not doing enough, or from another perspective, we are not happy with what we have or what we are doing- and all these things make simple, healthy changes to our lives bothersome.  

Healthy Indulgences

When life becomes too difficult, mundane, and tedious, we naturally lose our motivation for change; however, this should only inspire us to create something new. We all need some more good things in our lives, don’t we? So how about we just start adding more good things that over time replace anything negative or unwanted. 

It is viable that you can maintain health or improve your health without having to skip the things that bring you joy. A healthy indulgence can help to keep you on track with a new diet or fill in the gap when you need that extra ounce of energy to get through your day. It comes down to choices at the end of the day. Make better choices, and you change the landscape of your life- one small step at a time! 


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