This article originally appeared in Shape.

When it comes to travel destinations, there are some places that you'd only visit with your squad for a bachelorette party, those that are more family-oriented, and others that scream "there's going to be multiple surprise engagements at dinner." You might think that going to Vegas just isn't the same without your girls or that jetting off to Italy without your partner isn't that you had in mind, but you're forgetting something: Rules are dumb!

Go clubbing with your significant other. Take your girls on that Tuscany trip you've been dreaming about. Or even consider hopping on a plane solo for the travel experience that gets you out of your comfort zone. (Related: How to Travel Alone Safely Right Now)

Now that your script is flipped, you can reimagine what it means to search for the best travel spots for couples. Sure, there's a time and a place for romance (lots of options for that mushy stuff below), but sometimes the best way to connect with someone you love is by doing something scary, adventurous, or just entirely new together. Below, you'll find some great options for couples' travel destinations within the U.S. for foodies, wellness gurus, outdoor enthusiasts, and yes, even you old-school romantics.