This summer, biking has seen a U.S. resurgence like no other. The day-to-day impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has created increased demands for two-wheeled transportation, entertainment, and solace. The New York Times reports that in March alone, national bike sales doubled. That was just the beginning.

There’s something to the newfound national obsession with bikes. Pre-COVID enthusiasts have long espoused the benefits of bicycling: fresh air, exercise, a connection with local community and nearby trails, plus the positive impact on the environment. Now, the rest of the country has caught on.

If you’re in the market for a bike that can take you around town, help you escape into the wild, and meet a reasonable price point, we suggest going electric. There’s plenty of reasons they’re worth the investment (and we’ll outline them), but let’s state the most obvious first: They are fun. Really fun.