A new journey begins!

My name is Lisa Pounds, and I’m the Editor and Chief of LifeToGo.com, a thoughtfully curated site with brands and content that I am thrilled to launch.

My background and professional experiences led me to the right place at the right time to help launch LifeToGo. I come from the consumer packaged food space, and more specifically, from the healthy food business.

I started my first company, Green Plate Foods, in January 2010. Green Plate Foods was born from the idea that there had to be other busy parents who did not have time, nutrition knowledge or a professional foodservice background to create delicious and nutritious snacks for their children. To solve that problem, we created packaged healthy and gluten-free certified cookies and fruit snacks and sold them through retailers like Whole Foods Market, H-E-B, Amazon, schools, and airports.

During that time, I learned a LOT…. about packaging, shelf life, branding, customer service, raising capital, creating a board of directors, distribution, selling a business and ALL the THINGS that can (and will) go wrong in a business.

In January 2018, I sold my company to Celebrate Brands, a small portfolio of specialty food products. I then became their CEO, helped them manage several acquisitions, and managed part of a large food production facility.

As part of that process, I oversaw the production of hundreds of products in multiple locations—it was one of the most amazing and challenging learning experiences of my life.

And yet, during this busy season, throughout my entrepreneurial journey, the biggest role I played was raising a smart and awe-inspiring young daughter, Chloe. As a single working mom, I can tell you that the struggle and juggle are REAL. While you get better, the challenges are always pushing you to become a better person, parent, and business professional.

I am a firm believer that anything is possible, and if you bring relentless determination and a solid plan to the table, success is yours for the taking. It’s the reason I show up every single day and love working with likeminded people.

It was kismet to find my new home with the team at Accelerate. I love business, entrepreneurs and healthy lifestyle brands. That’s why I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to create something new with LifeToGo! We are starting with some innovative brands, and rest assured we will be adding MANY more in the coming months and beyond. As with life, it is a work in progress, and we plan to provide you with lots of meaningful content and well-vetted contributors.

Going into this, my philosophy is that we can all buy things from Amazon or Walmart, but I believe there is a bigger connection made when it also revolves around a community, sharing information and expertise, featuring interesting products in the process. Our purpose is to bring you value and perspective, a diverse mix of products and well-crafted stories, advice, and resources.

We have some amazing things in store this year, so I hope you join us on this journey as we build something wonderful together. My passion lies in quality and details, and through that, I want you to have an exceptional experience here at LifeToGo.

Please connect with us on our social media platforms or find me on twitter @LNPOUNDS and thank you for joining us!

Healthy Regards,

Lisa Pounds
Editor in Chief