This article originally appeared in Women's Health.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as reaching the end of a long, arduous hike up a mountain, popping a squat on a rock, and soaking up that hard-earned view.

As an avid hiker myself, I savor every second on the trails—and want to bring the peace, freedom, and perspective they give me into pretty much every aspect of my life. And if you've got a hiker in your life, I'm willing to bet they feel the same way. So, I hand-selected these gifts for hikers so that you can give your favorite trailblazer the boost they need on that next climb or create the mountain vibes they want to enjoy at home, too.

From the super practical (literally everyone needs a first aid kit) to the just plain fun (peep that quotable bumper sticker), there's a gift here for every hiker and every occasion. Whether they're just discovering their passion for the outdoors or have been getting out there for years, they'll appreciate—and actually use—each and every one of these picks.

Trust me: I personally rely on some of these items to feel safe, comfortable, and well-fueled on everything from quick trail runs to all-day hikes. And the rest? They're definitely on my own wishlist.

Whatever your budget, I've got just the thing for the nature-seeking soul you love. Scroll through these 30 gifts for hikers and, cross that loved one off your to-do list, and be prepared to want to climb a mountain yourself!