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At this stage in your quarantine life of social-distancing, your at-home workouts might start to feel a little repetitive. Luckily, there's one trainer who knows a lot about thinking outside the box when it comes to utilizing what you have on hand for equipment: Kaisa Keranen, aka KaisaFit, is the creator of the viral toilet paper workout and queen of adding flair to every exercise. And she's at it again with this clever routine that utilizes nothing more than a heavy book—think: that heavy chemistry textbook from college or Crissy Teigen's new cookbook.

Grab your book of choice and follow these moves from Keranen for an at-home workout that revs your heart rate while strengthening your arms, legs, and core, while focusing on stability too. Keranen also offers tips to turn up the burn (or down, if you need it), so you can chooser your own journey based on your level. Don't be afraid to try a more advanced exercise variation—just dial it back if it's not feeling good.