You care for your whole body — mind, body, and soul — so why not your pet? This webinar from a leading veterinarian in “wholistic” health care for animals shares his tips for feeding your pet and ways to reduce the risk of illness using whole-pet care practices.

Study after study shows that having a pet is better for your health. Just the millions of YouTube videos alone prove that pets are silly, heartwarming, curious and at times completely unpredictable. How is that not better for everyone’s health? But there is more, the American Heart Association says that pet owners have reduced heart disease contributors and greater longevity. If pets are good for our health, then it’s only right that we give them the same level of care we expect for ourselves.

In this webinar from our partners at WholisticMatters, veterinarian Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ, shares his practice of combining Western veterinary medicine with acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. He believes in a “wholistic” approach and emphasizes the importance of a whole-food approach to nutrition. That sounds like good advice for humans and pets.