This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

When it comes to skin care by the ages, there are a few basics we all come to understand. You should always be applying sunscreen, so as to avoid the serious health repercussions that may come from years of unprotected sun exposure—not to mention the photodamage that comes with it. Starting in your teens, you should get into the habit of washing your face nightly and following up with a hydrator. Individuals experiencing menopause should expect some changes in their skin and likely will need to switch to more hydrating options. 

But all those years in between? Well, it tends to be less clear. That's because we all have such different skin types, concerns, and lifestyles—so there's no perfect skin care regimen that professionals recommend across the board. Read: A 40-something with dull and sensitive skin is going to have a very different regimen than a 30-something dealing with her first bout of adult acne. 

However, there is something two derms recommend for those reaching 35: An antioxidant serum or step. Why? Well, it can help deal with melasma and dark spots that are all too common for those around this age.