As we move into the winter months, cold weather and less daylight may impact your COVID outdoor workout routine. A sports medicine expert at Baylor College of Medicine offers tips on staying safe while being active both indoors and outdoors.

“It’s important to find ways to stay active right now, but be sure to do so safely,” said Dr. Theodore Shybut, associate professor in the Joseph Barnhart Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Baylor. “A lot of people have gained the dreaded ‘COVID 19’ and with the holidays right around the corner, I encourage everyone to make a plan to stay active and to make it fun.”

Cold weather workouts

There are many considerations to make when exercising outdoors in cold weather, including wearing layers and even remembering to wear sunscreen. Shybut said that oftentimes during colder months, athletes anticipate sweating less and do not hydrate as well as they would in warmer months, which can result in dehydration and cramping. He says to be sure to hydrate properly before any workouts. See more tips about cold weather workouts.