Jerrod Adkins loves a good burger, hot off the grill, loaded with toppings and sandwiched between two flavorful buns. What he doesn’t love, are the excess carbs and laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients in most hamburger buns.

So, he decided to completely change the bread game, creating UnbelievaBuns Bread, a nutritious, protein-rich bread that’s big on taste, without the carbs. 

The journey from concept to plate has been a work in progress for Adkins, with more than 500 test bakes. The quest for a healthier bread option began in 2012 when Adkins picked up a loaf a bread and read the ingredient list. 

“I was shaking my head at the 18 chemical ingredients on the package. I wanted to create a clean bread, everyone can have,” Adkins said. “I was driven to show you can eat food you love.” 

That drive led him to start researching and baking. A lot of baking. Adkins knew he wanted a low-carb, high-protein option, so he started with baking two batches a week. It was a lot of trial and error, but he said, “I knew I could get it.” 

That perseverance paid off, and in 2019, he hit upon a consistent batch. His friends were his taste testers, and they agreed too—this bread was a hit. Not only was it flavorful, but it also checked the nutrition boxes Adkins had set in place for UnbelievaBuns Bread.  

His recipe uses nutrient dense, high-quality ingredients like organic flax, almond and olive oil to keep the bread healthy and low carb, while incorporating wheat protein for flavor and the protein boost.

The breads are made without preservatives, mold inhibitors, GMOs and sugar, so the nutritional profile clocks in at 17 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 1.8 net carbs. Since the buns are plant-based, they are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly. 

Burgers, sandwiches and even mini-pizzas are back on the menu, thanks to plant-based meat substitutes such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. Because UnbelievaBuns Bread packs a protein punch, Adkins can tweak other meat-based sandwiches with lean protein like a quarter pound 90/10 lean beef patty and a quarter pound turkey patty. Foods like avocado toast and peanut butter and banana sandwiches are additional protein-rich options. 

“With UnbelievaBuns, you can cut meat consumption, and get the same protein. This is the bread of the future. People are going to stop eating chemical bread and moms can serve clean label bread,” Adkins said. “You can eat it every day.” 

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